Open source

Embrace Commons Based Approaches to Fight Covid-19

The purpose of the Corona Coverage site is to spotlight and form part of the peer review process for the quickly emerging variety of projects which aim to make a difference in humanity’s struggle with Covid-19. They are based on open source principles of voluntary participation in a collaborative effort to produce useful information resources (and more) which can be made available for free to all. Transparency and autonomy in the production process allows progress and peer review to happen more quickly, openness allows anyone with an interest, and ideally relevant skills, to start contributing independently.

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies is an effort to assemble a team of voluntary experts and practitioners from a range of fields to produce and vet open source production guidelines. The project’s aim is not to deliver equipment to hospitals, but to equip local communities with the knowledge of how they can manufacture their own supplies on site or nearby. The idea is to harness the available labor capacity (people idle at home), along with distributed fabrication equipment and maker spaces.