Useful Resources


Everyday Life and Covid-19 - New England Complex Systems Institute has produced this and other guides on how to do things like self-isolate or protect vulnerable individuals, along with other resources.

ICU one pager: A one page guide to Covid-19 for intensive care staff, produced by Seattle-based intensivist practitioner Nick Mark MD.


Our World in Data - a creative commons site curating data-sets about a variety of topics, including Covid-19


Zero Trust Information - Ben Thompson, 2020/03/11. About the quality of information about Covid-19 on social media at various stages of public awareness.

Data Sharing and Open Source Software Help Combat Covid-19 - Klint FInley, 2020/03/13

People Are Trying to Make DIY Ventilators to Meet Coronavirus Demand - Maddie Bender, 2020/03/17

Open Source is Saving Lives in COVID-19 Pandemic - The Defiant, 2020/04/01. This newsletter looks at open source efforts and specifically those by blockchain or blockchain-related projects.

Engineers Made a DIY Face Shield. Now It’s Helping Doctors - Tom Simonite, 2020/03/26

D.I.Y. Coronavirus Solutions Are Gaining Steam - Alexandra E. Petri, 2020/03/31

Meet The Italian Engineers 3D-Printing Respirator Parts For Free To Help Keep Coronavirus Patients Alive - Amy Feldman, 2020/03/19