Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies

Open Source COVID19 Medical Supplies is an effort to assemble a team of voluntary experts and practitioners from a range of fields to produce and vet open source production guidelines. The project’s aim is not to deliver equipment to hospitals, but to equip local communities with the knowledge of how they can manufacture their own supplies on site or nearby. The idea is to harness the available labor capacity (people idle at home), along with distributed fabrication equipment and maker spaces.

A high level overview of the project is maintained in this google doc. Facebook group where the project originated.

Stories about this project:

  • Robotics engineer crowd-sources designs for COVID-19 medical supplies to help out-of-stock hospitals - CBC Radio. This story references the debate about practicality of open source ventilators, and Gui Cavalcanti (project representative interviewed) indicated that he started with thinking about ventilators but after talking to medical professionals in the field, the lack of protective equipment was a much more pressing concern. This project therefore focuses on the open source instructions for making items like face shields
  • D.I.Y. Coronavirus Solutions Are Gaining Steam - New York Times