Embrace Commons Based Approaches to Fight Covid-19

The purpose of the Corona Coverage site is to spotlight and form part of the peer review process for the quickly emerging variety of projects which aim to make a difference in humanity’s struggle with Covid-19. They are based on open source principles of voluntary participation in a collaborative effort to produce useful information resources (and more) which can be made available for free to all.

Transparency and autonomy in the production process allows progress and peer review to happen more quickly, openness allows anyone with an interest, and ideally relevant skills, to start contributing independently.

There are already signs that certain resources are being stretched or have already been depleted, and the top-down economy seems to be struggling to adapt to meet these new demands.

In the realm of information production, for too long the official channels have been quiet on developments and the details of their planning. Exposing these plans and models to public critique is a necessary step in building buy-in among the public, not to mention a short-cut to identifying their shortcomings and uncovered edge cases.

With the internet we have a shared global commons for information, whatever we put there and make freely available, cultivated collaboratively, can be shared with all rapidly and for free. As the pandemic threatens to become established in places which are even more lacking in necessary resources to fight it, the need for freely shared easily workable open source solutions will become even more pressing.


Social data scientist. Peer Production fan.